The Power Of Antioxidants

//The Power Of Antioxidants

The Power Of Antioxidants

The Power Of Antioxidants

The Power Of Antioxidants

You may have heard about antioxidants in the news lately and there is a good reason for this. In order to know why antioxidants have been making a huge impact in recent years, you have to know a little bit about the body, in particular, the cell.

Did you know you body is constantly making thousands of new cell every day. While you are shopping and working out, you are producing billion of cells a day. Cells the smallest component of every living organism in the world. Your cells contain your DNA and are what make up the larger part of your body such as your organs, so it’s important that they are healthy and working properly. If something is wrong with how your cells are functioning, then your body responds with your immune system to fix the problem. One of the key defense mechanism of the immune system to prevent damage of the cells is … the antioxidant! Your body produces antioxidants when free-radicals(toxins) are present in the cell.

Free Radicals

Free radicals are toxic to the cell and cause damage through a chain reaction of oxidation. This reaction can cause cells to die and lead to a variety of problems such as loss of energy, neurological diseases, cancer and a whole bunch of other nasty health problems. So it’s obvious to see, due to the harmful effects it can cause to our bodies, why this is getting more and more attention. The good news is we are well equipped to fight this micro biological warfare. The solution is the free radicals’ nemesis, the antioxidant.

Antioxidants work to stop the chain reaction of the toxins and maintain the health of our precious tiny cells. Our bodies can produce antioxidants but we get the most of them through our food we eat. There are tons of foods that provide antioxidants, namely fruits and veggies. One of the best ways to get a healthy helping of the miracle molecule is Tea, but not just any Tea, more specifically, Green Tea!

Where Can I Find Matcha Green Tea

Green Tea is loaded with tons of vitamins and antioxidants. Here at Victory Tea Co. we have a few different types of green tea. We have traditional Grade A Matcha. Matcha is a green tea leaf that has been grounded down to a fine powder. Since the tea leaf is grounded into a powder you’re able to get the most nutrients possible from your tea. This makes Matcha one of the best teas for your health. It is also considered a super-food because of the nutritional value derived from it. So if you’re looking for a tasty drink that can also boost your metabolism and keep you feeling energetic and youthful, try our Matcha Green Tea at Victory Tea Co.

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