How To Properly Brew Tea

//How To Properly Brew Tea

How To Properly Brew Tea

How To Properly Brew Tea

Brewing The Perfect Cup of Tea

Brewing a good cup of loose leaf tea is really not very complicated. All that you need is some fresh water and a good teapot.  But just remember that the delicate flavors of many teas can be destroyed by water that contains heavy amounts of minerals or impurities.

Now to experience the best flavor I recommended that you start with cold, good-tasting water. Also if you don’t like the way your tap water tastes, you can use a filter or bottled water.

Next the temperature of the water does not need to be exact; you just want to be careful to not use boiling water for white and green teas, since this can lead to a bitter flavor.

Next when bringing your water to a boil, don’t let it go for too long because this will take out a lot of the oxygen in the water.

Most black teas though should be brewed with water that has been brought to a rolling boil. Preheating the pot will also ensure a high brewing temperature and full flavor extraction.

I would start with one teaspoon for each six ounces of water and adjust according to taste.

The optimum steeping time depends on the type of tea that you are brewing. Use the chart below as a general guide.

Because most teas produce a pale brew, I think that you should steep by time and not color. Too-short of an infusion will result in a thin, bland tea. If you extend the steeping time it will yield a more bitter tea.

When you are brewing tea for more than one serving, I think it is best use an infuser or strainer to remove the tea leaves and avoid over steeping.

Tea should be stored at room temperature in an air-tight container. (See my previous blog on the best ways to store your loose leaf the) Keep your tea away from moisture and light. Each time a container is opened; air exchange takes place and slowly robs tea of its flavor. By minimizing your loose leaf tea to exposure to air, you can substantially lengthen its shelf life.

Most black teas and some Oolong teas should be prepared with boiling water. Green teas, white teas, Jasmine teas, and lighter Oolongs should be steeped with water no hotter than 180°F.

Type Of Tea Water Temperature Steep Time
White Tea 180° F 1-8 Minutes (Depending On Type)
Green Tea 160° F 1-3 Minutes
Green Oolong 160° F 3-4 Minutes
Dark Oolong 190° F 5-8 Minutes
Black Tea Rolling Boil Rolling Boil 3-5 Minutes

Thanks for reading and go enjoy a nice cup of tea!

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