Brewing The Perfect Cup Of Tea

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Brewing The Perfect Cup Of Tea

Brewing The Perfect Cup Of Tea

Brewing The Perfect Cup Of Tea

Always fill your teapot with fresh cold water from the tap that is low in minerals and high in oxygen because it is the oxygen in the water that gives your tea more flavor and body. Also the fresher the water the more you will taste the delicate and complex flavor levels of your tea. Then choose your favorite tea from the “Victory Tea Company”.

Choosing Your Water Temps

It is important to remember to use the correct temperature of water for the different types of tea. Some teas like whites and greens are best infused at a lower temperature. If you use overly hot water, you can bruise the tea leaves resulting in a bitterer cup of tea. However other teas like black and herbal teas need the boiling hot waters to extract the entire flavor for that great cup of tea.

If the water is not at the right at boiling temperatures, black teas will not properly infuse and you will miss out on all of the middle tastes of the tea. Also you do not want over boil your water. Just as soon as it comes to a boil remove it from the heat because as water boils more over time you will lose the desired levels of oxygen that is needed for that perfect cup of tea.

Other things to remember especially if you are making black teas or herbal teas is to preheat your tea pot by swirling little bit of hot water in it and then pour it back out before you use the pot for brewing.

Choosing Your Leaves

To select your leaves remember to always use the best quality leaves like the teas that you will get from “Victory tea Company”

Having selected your tea use 1 teaspoon of tea for one cup of water. “Victory Tea Company” includes the brewing guides on their labels.

Selecting Your Steeping Times

Steeping times are also crucial to a good cup of tea. Make sure you follow the brewing guide on the label to get the best tasting cup of tea.

Some General Guidelines Are

  • White and Green tea: 180 degrees
  • Black tea: 210 degrees
  • Oolong tea: 200 degrees
  • Herbal tea: 212 degrees

After a few times of trying various methods of these general guidelines I am sure that you will be an expert very soon and be able to call yourself a tea brewing master and will always be serving and consuming some really tasty cups of your favorite “Victory Tea Company” teas.

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