Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping, Returns & Wholesale

1. Do you offer international shipping?

At this time, we offer shipping to the United States. We understand many of our visitors are outside this country. Check back as we are working hard to expand our reach with a logistical solution.

2. How much is shipping?

Shipping varies depending on your location.

We currently offer free shipping on orders over $25.00

3. Do you offer samples?

Samples are now available. All teas are available for sampling except Matcha. Each sample is approximately 4-5 table spoons. (Weight may vary).

4. What is your return policy?

We stand by our tea and we do everything to make sure you receive only the best possible product. We also understand sometimes it’s just not your cup of tea, that’s why we offer a no questions return policy. This is part of our Guaranteed Promise of Excellence. To find out more about our return policy visit here.

5. Do you sell wholesale?

At the moment we are not taking new wholesale orders. For more information concerning our wholesale program please contact us at sales@victoryteacompany.com.

About Our Tea

6. Where does your tea come from?

We carry a variety of different teas from all over the world, including Sri Lanka, India, China & Japan. We included a map of the specific origin in the description page. Each region specializes in specific types of teas. Assam from instance, is a popular black tea from the Assam region of India, while the Yunnan Golden Tip is found in the Yunnan province of China. We source teas from only reputable, top farms and estates, that provide a premium tea while participating in fair practices.

7. What’s the difference between Traditional, Blended & Herbal Teas?

Traditional teas come from the Camelia Sinesis, an evergreen plant native to Asia. They can be either black, green, white, yellow or oolong depending on the oxidation and processing. Traditional teas are pure tea without any additives.

8. How do I brew my tea?

The way you brew your tea will depend on the individual tea. All of our teas come with a brewing guide located on the package. As a general rule of thumb, the chart below shows typical temperatures and times.

Green Tea160°F -180°F3-4 Minutes
Black TeaJust below 212°F5 Minutes
Herbal Tea212°F5 Minutes
White Tea200°F7-10 Minutes
Oolong Tea190°F4-5 Minutes

9. What is Matcha?

Matcha is a traditional Japanese Green Tea that is from shade-grown tea leaves, stone ground into a fine powder and then mixed into water as opposed to steeping. Learn more about Matcha Green Tea here.

10. How can I keep my Matcha from clumping up when mixing?

Matcha is typically mixed with a bamboo whisk as opposed to stirring with a spoon. We recommend getting a bamboo whisk that as a minimum of 80 prongs (preferably 100+) which you can get here. In the case you don’t have a Matcha Bamboo Whisk available, you can substitute with an electric milk frother.

11. What is a Micro-Blend?

When we create our loose leaf tea blends, we blend in small batches typically under 10 pounds. This allows us to create a perfect blend, achieving the desired flavor. We always use 100% premium traditional teas as the base of our blends, never the bottom of the barrel mix that is common in larger mass produced tea blends.

12. Is your Restore – Green Tea Blend a weight loose drink?

Restore is our green tea blend that contains a mix of ingredients each with their own purpose. The goal of using this tea is to help promote a natural alternative to synthetic chemicals that will cleanse the body and remove toxins. Weight-loss happens with a combination of eating healthy, exercising, and staying active. We make no claims or promises of weight-loss results. To learn more about the health benefits of tea and see if it’s for you read here

13. Can I drink Restore – Green Tea Blend if I’m pregnant?

Unfortunately, we don’t recommend drinking our Restore while pregnant. You should always consult your doctor before drinking any of our teas. After your pregnancy, absolutely! It will help kick start your post birth recovery!

14. Do you offer certified organic teas?

At this time, we do not. We are working to bring our customers an organic option because we believe in the importance of the organic process. Although, some of our teas use only 100% organic ingredients, we have obtained a USDA Certification. For more information, email info@victoryteacompany.com and we can answer any questions you may have in regards to organic teas.