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Whole Foods Market and Victory Tea Company

Who We Are?

In 2015 we opened Victory Tea Company with one humble idea in mind, to offer an amazing product. Even with the overwhelming number of big business serving loose leaf tea, we believe that people around the world are still wanting something better. Something that we believe we can provide.

Here at Victory Tea Company, simply put, we love tea. It’s not work for us but an adventure searching worldwide for the highest quality loose leaf tea, creating unique tasty blends, then being able to bring them to you. Our specialty is creating hand-crafted blends with unique flavors using 100% premium teas.

We started as a group of family and friends that believed that we could make an impact on the limited specialty loose leaf tea industry here in the United States. As the second most consumed beverage, next to water, we saw a shortage of quality vendors here in America that specialized in producing quality blends made from quality tea, so we set out to source only the best possible teas from top farms and estates around the world. Farms that not only grow a quality tea but meet our highest standards and engage in fairly treating their workers.

Every day we are searching, testing, and blending to bring you more choices and new varieties. We work hard to provide a wide range of teas and tea accessories that are not only delicious but healthy. We do this so that we can develop a relationship with you, our customer that will be personal and long-lasting. Our teas will always be brought to you as fresh as if they were just picked and prepared.

That said, what’s most important to us is you. That is why we created our Guarantee Promise of Excellence, in which we have committed to bringing you only the best possible product. If we fail to meet your standards, let us know, we will happily accept any return. It is your feedback that helps us evolve, so please send any comments, questions or concerns to sales@victoryteacompany.com

Meet The Family

Victory Tea Co. is family owned and operated:

Russell Van Curen
Russell Van CurenFounder/President
Russell E. Van Curen
Russell E. Van CurenCo. Founder
Samuel Van Curen
Samuel Van CurenVice President

Why Choose Our Blends?

At Victory Tea Co. we offer a mix of traditional, blended, and herbal premium loose leaf teas. All our blended teas are created in small batches under 10lbs, that we call micro-blends, allowing us to create a consistent tea every time. Each of our blends uses specific premium tea for the blends base, instead of using lower grade teas mixed together commonly found in mass-produced flavored blends. We match specific teas to specific blends creating a flavor that best pairs together.

What If It’s Not For Me?

That’s okay! All of our teas come with our guaranteed promise of excellence. So basically, you don’t like it, if it’s not fresh enough, or simply it’s not your cup of tea ; ) – return it! Yup, it’s that simple. To return a product visit here.